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Battery FAQ's


1. What causes a lead acid battery to go bad?


The most common cause of premature battery failure...

Is due to a build-up of sulfate on the plates, which interferes with the charging and discharging of the battery. This build-up is accelerated by the following:

  • high temperature -- over 70 degrees;
  • discharging the battery below 10.5 volts;
  • storage without charging

The best way to prevent and remove this build-up is to use a BLS.

The second most common cause of premature failure...

Is loss of electrolyte --(the liquid chemical that causes electricity to flow) --due to overcharging or heat.

The third most common cause of premature failure...

Is undercharging because undercharging accelerates the build-up on the plates.

Use BLS to over come this problem.

The fourth most common cause of premature failure...

Is called "old age." This is a result of the plates shedding material which falls to the bottom of the battery cell and eventually shorts the plates. This shedding of material is accelerated by the build up mentioned above.

The answer to longer battery life is BLS.

The fifth most common cause of premature failure...

Is excessive vibration. This causes the shedding to occur faster. The Battery Life Saver electronic device can help here because clean plates will shed more slowly.

2.Why doesn't it last as long as the warrantee?

This is a ploy by manufacturers to guarantee that you will buy another battery from them. They want to sell you a new one. Your warrantee is based on the number of months of use since purchase. This is called pro-rated. The pro-rated price you pay is its actual true price.

The second reason they need your battery back to get the lead from it. 98% of the lead they use has to be recycled.

3.What can I do to prolong its life?

  • Perform regular maintenance, especially during hot weather as follows:
  • Check the electrolyte level in your battery.
  • Clean the battery top to eliminate conductive paths so electricity is not re-routed and wasted.
  • Check the battery voltage and recharge if necessary.
  • After deep cycle discharges or jump starts, recharge your battery.
  • Use a BLSójust attach it to your battery in seconds and forget about it.

4.How does the Battery Life Saver work?

It works by emitting a radio frequency signal that dissolves the build-up that forms on the plates of the battery.

If you are technically inclined and want more information, see the How Battery Works page.

5.If I have more than one battery in my vehicle do I need to buy more than one BLS?

You only need one BLS.

It is powerful enough to rejuvenate all the batteries at once.

If your batteries are hooked in parallel, just hook the red wire from BLS to the positive output , and hook the black wire to the negative output.

If your batteries are hooked in series, as in a golf car (cart) or other electric vehicle, then you will need a BLS that is rated for the total voltage of all the batteries linked together.

Please visit our BLS products page to find the proper product for your needs.

6.Do I need a separate BLS for each of the cars in my family?


The best way to use BLS is to use a BLS-12N on each car.

The BLS-12-A is designed specifically to keep one car battery in like new condition if it is attached permanently. By using BLS in this way, you can be sure you or a loved one will not be stranded by battery failure.

An alternate method of using BLS technology is to use a BLS-12/24-B along with a battery charger on each vehicle for a total of 24 hours once per month. This way you only need one BLS. I don't recommend this unless you are a "gear-head," or are in the habit of regular monthly maintenance chores.

7. How do I use The Battery Life Saver electronic device?

Just like Jumper Cables, the Battery Life Saver electronic device come with two leads, one red and one black.

In applications using multiple batteries, connect the red lead to the positive terminal of the first battery, and the black lead to the negative terminal of the last battery, and forget it!

8. Will BLS harm my battery?


Some BLS models, if not used in conjunction with a charger, will discharge the battery. A BLS will only discharge a battery if the car is not driven for a few days. When the BLS is connected it is using the battery power to power it.

But this does not harm the battery, since BATTERY LIFE SAVER prevents the damage normally associated with deep discharging.

9. Why haven't I heard about BLS before?

The manufacturers do not want you to know about the BLS.

Why would they when it doubles or triples the life of their product?

10.If I use BLS, how long will it extend the life of my battery?

The typical life of a battery is three years. Some people have estimated that a battery used in automotive applications in North America, without failure caused by sulfate build-up, would last nine years. We say that BLS will double or triple the life of your battery.

11. Why shouldn't I just buy a new battery when my old one goes bad?

You can. It will cost you more money in the long run. Also, you still run the risk of being stranded by battery failure as new batteries go bad quicker than you realize. This usually occurs in the worst possible place at the most inopportune time.

New batteries are frequently not very fresh -- i.e. they may already have sulfate build-up from sitting on the store shelf too long. For example, I recently bought a new battery from a major auto parts chain and had to use my BLS on it before it would start my car. Even if you do buy a new battery, you should use BLS to bring it up to a new condition and keep it there. The BLS not only increases its life but also its performance and starting power!

Remember too, when considering cost, that the BLS is not discarded but used on each new or used vehicle that you purchase. If you consider all the vehicles you might purchase in your lifetime and all the batteries you might purchase and multiply the life of each battery by two or three times you will understand what a tremendous cost saving the BLS offers!

12. How can I tell if my battery is going bad?

Your battery will give some indications of impending failure if you know what to look for. They are:

  • Slow-starting.
  • Headlights dim at low engine RPM (Revolutions per minute as in idling).
  • Ammeter indicating discharge at high RPM
  • Battery seems to be losing performance in any other way


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